You are not alone.

Given our world’s events, your inner ground is very likely shaking. And your ability to maintain balance, like so many of us, is being challenged. You need a firm foothold and sure grasp to maintain your stability in this time of great uncertainty.

It’s not just the world outside you that’s transforming. The whole world is changing and you’re part of the shift, body and spirit. You and every other living being at this big turning point in time reflect the essence of the change. The world you’ve been born into, this Earth you’ve been born upon, has gone through many dynamic upheavals throughout history. Some have been devastating. Others have led to a renaissance of consciousness and to truly marvelous, life-enhancing innovations.

I’ve spent over half a century teaching others how to protect themselves, how to prepare for a worse-case physical assault scenario no one would wish upon another.  But now, here, I’d like to offer you some uncommon advice, as we witness a siege upon life’s etheric nature: the realm of the human spirit; my spirit, your spirit, your tribe’s spirit, the global spirit.

Scientism is a Bane Upon Our Natural Beingness

Scientism is not real science, but the politicization of science. And its basis of acute, dumbfounding greed is roiling men and women from the comfort of their own consciousness, is separating them from their own spiritual compass, their unique sensitivities. Also from the value of their subjective world, the functioning principles of their liminal energy body ~ and the power of the self-organizing collective to maintain the vitality of our planet. Which includes you as one of its vital, living cells.

If you resonate with what I just said, then it’s time to awaken and apply some spiritual tactics to preserve what needs to be brought into the right-now unpredictable future.

If you seek a peaceful way of life. Care about the well-being of life on the planet. Believe in fairness and justice. If you have a heart filled with or seeking compassion; or seek a higher path in this world. Then, it’s time to put your spiritual muscles to work. To not only keep these timeless values alive and intact, but extend them beyond your own skin, as a cleansing wave of positivity and rising tide of hope for a truly bright tomorrow.

There’s One Tool that Costs You Nothing But Your Time

A spiritual tactic is a concerted intention projected into the etheric world. The invisible world of waves and whirling particles. In this case, a favorable current of love, compassion, clarity, and positivity. Because it’s time to confront, mitigate, and otherwise end the invasive tendrils of all the chaotic, malformed, disorganizing, and disintegrating, fear-inducing energy fields around us. Ones unsettling, unbalancing, disorganizing, disregulating, denigrating ~ and destroying ~ virtuous life. Whether through violence, fear, dis, mis and mal information, greed, insanity, or other evil means.

There’s one tool that cost you nothing but your time. It’s to spiritually push back against darkness, by flashing the beacon of your own inner light. How to do this? If you’re a loving being, which most of us are, this is the time to cast your loving feelings wide and to love even more.

If you’re a compassionate and caring being, this is the time to extend your compassion further, and fuller.

If you’re a positive being, now is the time, essential time, to grow deeper roots into your positivity.

If you’re a clear being, begin seeing yourself spreading clarity to your family and community.

Know this to be a divine truth: that everything about and around you is inherently good. Behold this goodness moving, in your mind’s eye, your heart’s eye, across the landscape. Flow the desire for a healthy world into your feelings, and ripple these images out.

The “command center” for all spiritual tactics is found in your heart. A positive outlook begins there. Think of your heart like a radio bandwidth, and love as a radiant, nourishing frequency, energy. Love as divine light. Its reach is limited only by the depth of your imagination and power of your intention.

If loving intentions can heal a person hundreds of miles away, as has been proven, imagine what loving feelings will do when beamed directly into devitalizing, dispirited waters. In the classical world there were cities and towns that create psychic entities for the people’s defense, called gods of the polis.

Let’s walk the high path to a strong, caring, affirming shared humanity.

For many, prayer nourishes the thirsting spirit. And positive intention unleashes the invisible armies of the divine. Love is the heart’s compassionate sword. Yes, be concerned. Yes, take right action. Yes, let your voice be heard. But don’t give into fear or despair. Instead, make love an unassailable bastion you’re safe in.

Realize that any person or organization whose first agenda is to induce fear in you, to confuse, demean, or diminish you about your beliefs or decisions, should be recognized as disconnected from their divine nature.

Any person or organization whose first agenda is to divide you from others, to generate anger, confusion, or doubt, should be recognized as un-interested in the value of shared humanity.

Any person or organization that exploits nature, people, other organizations, for the sole agenda of profit, regardless of the carnage to the land, its people and well-being of its biodiversity, or disregards ethic or moral standards, or shuns the law, should be recognized as antithetical to humankind.

Any person or organization that believes the path forward in a civilized world lies in deceit, self-righteousness, authoritarianism, violence, brutality, or killing and war, does not walk the high path to a strong, caring, affirming shared humanity.

So, call up your inner cavalry. Your ready reserves.

And may the transforming power of a greatly positive way of being move you, and a divine wind fill your sails to carry you along into the near and far future.