about the wind school

Founded in 1974, the Wind School is located in North Central New Jersey, with satellites in Montana and New York State.

Three complimentary arts weave into an integrated system concentrating on practical, therapeutic, and spiritual gains:

Okinawan Isshinryu: The karate system formalized in 1954 by Tatsuo Shimabuku (1908-1975).

Isshin Kempo: Founded in 1970 by William Scott Russell (Karate: The Energy Connection). Russell expanded Isshinryu’s technical curriculum, separating it from its Okinawan predecessor.

Wu Hsin Tao: The ‘Five Element Way’ is a Chinese esoteric system created during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

The Emptying Self

Authentic power emerges
from a clear mind. 

Karate-do clears the mind, 
fortifies the will, 
strengthens the body, 
opens the pathways to success.

Black Belt

Achieve noteworthy physical skills and personal development.

Gain superb, self-protective abilities and insights into a rich, multi-dimensional Asian discipline.

Experience our dynamic black belt student body with a collective training experience of over 600 years!

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