One of Okinawan Karate’s best kept secrets Revealed!

New 3 set DVD series- Over 3 hours of information – Covering 25 years of research


‘Jewel of Martial Arts’
unlocked in one of Okinawa’s most essential kata


A masterful explanation and demonstration of Kiko Principles that every martial student should know about by noted Kiko expert, Hayashi Tomio, Shifu. Kiko is the underlying principle behind all Asian kata, pressure points strikes, and standing grappling expertise.

Discover the tactical wisdom of the Okinawan masters. In DVD or Streaming Formats

Volume 1: THE FORM – You will learn a powerful Kiko variation of one of Okinawa’s most essential kata. Each move is meticulously broken down with a clear explanation for its every detail. 57 mins.

Volume 2: THE BUNKAI –Neihanchi is presented as a highly functional, standing grappling sequence with its Kiko (chi-kung) components fully activated, for a commanding control of any opponent or competitor.1 hr. 4 mins.

Volume 3: A KIKO PRIMER – Considered the ‘jewel of martial arts’, Kiko is explained along with numerous demonstrations of its ability to greatly enhance any martial technique. FREESTYLE NEIHANCHI – A clear link is made between kata and jiu-kumite (free sparring). Fighting drills, strengthening exercises and advice from a foremost teacher is presented for you to get the most out of your free form fighting using Neihanchi tactics. 1 hr. 3 mins.        

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