Rebel Issinryu


Learn the secrets behind the Kihon, Kiai, Crescent Step, Sanchin stance, the eight kata of Isshinryu, how some blocks aren’t blocks, how the Cat stance manipulates the Human Subtle Energy field and more… The Esoteric Teachings, the source of authentic martial alchemy, Ki cultivation, and powerful, internal mind/body strength methods await activation in all your karate kata.

Shifu Hayashi provocatively outlines Karate’s next evolutionary step with its amazing Kiko practices.

Shifu Hayashi, author of The Soul Polisher’s Apprentice and Internal Karate: Mind Matter & The Seven Gates Of Power, career martial artist with nearly fifty years martial experience, Buddhist monk and teacher of teachers, presents his personal rebellion in a series of 57 Challenges aimed to lift the ceiling of advanced Okinawan karate training.

Available on or through your Sensei.

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