The Soul Polisher’s Apprentice


Discover an American martial renaissance as it claims the heart of Asian karatedo practice! Become a hae (fly) on the wall in the innermost chambers of martial knowledge.

A true, down-to-earth, clearly presented and insightful unfolding of the inner martial journey as it winds through the training hall and into the personal destinies of two contemporary journeymen who come to embrace the essence of authentic Martial Ways.

Penetrating, positive, and refreshing insights are revealed about the nature of martial techniques, rituals, philosophy and spiritual wisdom.

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“With a superb command of the English language, Sensei Goedecke reveals important metaphysical principles imbedded in the practice of martial arts.”

Robert L. Spence, former Editor-in-Chief,
School Department, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,
Vice President and Publisher,
School Department, Harper and Row

I have had the pleasure of working with one of your students in a Qi Gong environment for the past 10 weeks, by the name of Roberto Andrade. He lent me a copy of “Soul Polisher’s Apprentice” which I promptly trampled all up. Meaning READ and not quickly for each group of pages was much like the muddy stepping I’d heard so much about.

They say an inferior Martial Artist uses the back door, the experienced uses the side door, and the Master uses the front door and simply eats you up. I underestimated this book and found myself with claws in my face after only pausing to refresh myself with a new book.

Roberto asked me to say a few words in support of this publication, and it would be easy to do so, because I’ve already noticed the shift in my own thinking after reading it. Having read this book, I feel similar to how I felt after reading “4th Uncle in the Mountain.”  That is the need to bow before the Buddha in the life experiences of an accomplished person. Let me know what I can do to help the publication of this book,

David Miller, Taoist Qi Gong master,
Licensed Acupuncturist, TCM professor at Pacific University, New York City

Your book is ‘Exceptional’.

Arakawa Tenshin, Head of the Mushindo Kempo Association, USA, Buddhist Roshi, Tennessee,
50 years in martial arts

“WOW!! ….You probably know I Immediately ordered 12 (copies).

Marty Edelston, President of Boardroom Inc.

Great book! My head is spinning!!!

[a day later], I love the book! Awesome.

 Jay Austin, Investment consultant, NJ,
38 years in martial arts

Speaking of his teacher (Goedecke) Leithead also said, “I consider him a life counselor, and I was privileged to preview his latest book. It evokes deep reflection. You don’t just read it you experience it. Whether a martial artist or not, ‘The Soul Polisher’ calls on readers to create their own adventure and enrich their lives,” Leithead said.

 Front page, Chatham Courier Newspaper, quote by Mr. Edward Leithead, retired NJ executive

Thank you for writing this book. I truly enjoyed each minute of reading it! There is magic in this book, a sincere look at the immense value of conflict as a vehicle of change.

Steven Forest O’Connor, Personal Trainer, South Jersey, no martial arts experience

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