Smart Moves: A Kid’s Guide to Self Defense


By Christopher J. Goedecke & Rosemarie Hausherr

A user-friendly source book of Safety and survival Strategies

Schoolyard bullies, locker room troublemakers, or life-threatening attackers can be real dangers to young people. Smart Moves takes a practical look at the mental, emotional and physical skills necessary for kids to develop a non-aggressive but firm attitude toward protecting their rights. The text emphasizes self-control, communication, preventative measures, and clear actions. Photographs illustrate defense targets, blocks, and escapes. Bold and timely, Smart Moves offers specific safety strategies and additional resources while providing and introduction to the martial arts.

Christopher Goedecke is the chief instructor at the Wind School, New Jersey. Rosemarie Hausherr, a karate green belt lives in Switzerland. Hardcover, ages 7-14. Over 100 photos. Not available in stores.

Order directly from your Sensei.