NEIHANCHI KIKO 3 Volume Set – Physical DVD




A masterful explanation and demonstration of Kiko Principles that every martial student should know about by noted Kiko expert, Hayashi Tomio, Shifu.

Volume 1: THE FORM – You will learn a powerful Kiko variation of one of Okinawa’s most essential kata. Each move is meticulously broken down with a clear explanation for its every detail.         57 mins.

Volume 2: THE BUNKAI –Neihanchi is presented as a highly functional, standing grappling sequence with its Kiko (chi-kung) components fully activated, for a commanding control of any opponent or competitor.1 hr. 4 mins.

Volume 3: A KIKO PRIMER – Considered the ‘jewel of martial arts’, Kiko is explained along with numerous demonstrations of its ability to greatly enhance any martial technique. FREESTYLE NEIHANCHI – A clear link is made between kata and jiu-kumite (free sparring). Fighting drills, strengthening exercises and advice from a foremost teacher is presented for you to get the most out of your free form fighting using Neihanchi tactics. 1 hr. 3 mins.


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