Generating creative sparks in 2019

Welcome to our new website, a little sleeker and more tech savvy.

Never before do we need surefootedness in our individual journeys as we navigate into a volatile future, promising as long as we stay positive. The martial arts have provided generations of souls vitality, safety, mindfulness and meaning.

At the Wind School we perpetuate a whole-health philosophy. Since its founding, our School has offered thousands of students a spiritually-grounded Dojo, a Way Place, as a sanctuary, and a learning environment for vital living, personal protection, and a means to evolve into wholeness through the lens of Traditional Okinawan Karate-Do and Asian Mindfulness practices.

Exciting Events On The Horizon

I’ve been selected to appear alongside some of the top instructors in the U.S. discussing the merits of Traditional Karate training in a new book being written by Scottish author, Gary Quinn. (Release date not yet determined)

Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio will interview me on May 21, 2019.  Whistlekick is one of the most listened to martial art podcasts in the U.S. Karate legends, Super Foot Bill Wallace, Fumio Demura and other greats have been interviewed on this weekly platform.

Hayashi’s interview on Whistlekick Radio will debut in early July, 2019 and can be accessed any time from that point onward at 

Don’t miss my latest article on NEIHANCHI, Okinawan’s Essential karate kata in the Media section. Long considered one of the most vital forms to come out of Okinawa, Neihanchi is a powerhouse kata filled with internal lessons and practical, tactical self-defense solutions, unrivaled by most other kata.   

I hope to film a Training Video for Masters Magazine on Okinawan Neihanchi Kiko later this year. My ongoing research into kata is establishing me as an expert on Internal Okinawan karate kata development. It’s been an exciting study, which has pulled curious, dan-ranked martial artists from around the U.S. into a dialog.

I also hope to break ground soon on a new book about Karate KIKO. As many know this is a personal passion of mine. This project is to be also complimented by an online teaching course on Internal Karate with a projected completion in 2021. 

It is my desire to continue to research, present, and preserve the best of the martial traditions for those looking for guidance, grounding, an athletic outlet, personal safety and enhanced vitality.