Martial Arts for the Spiritually Aspiring Student

An important distinction
can be made in marital arts between those who only desire physical skills for
combating their opponents and those who wish to take their study into the
interior or hidden realms of the psychic, energetic and spiritual arenas. We
refer to this more elevated process of training as S7.

stands for ‘Sanchin Seven.’ Sanchin
translates as Three Battles or Triple
Layered Conflict
. The term derives from an esoteric Shaolin training form
that found its way into Okinawan karate systems in the early 1900’s. Sanchin
refers specifically to the conflicts within the mind, body and spirit.

‘7’ refers to seven
human powers that are used to bring clarity, integration and resolution to
these on-going battles or conflicts.

These seven powers (see:
Internal Karate; Mind Matters and the
Seven Gates of Power,
Goedecke 2014) are multi-level, interdependent inner
tools. Through the awakening, balancing and extension of these seven reference
points, our choices, activities and behaviors can be elevated, empowered and
more fully expressed.

For centuries Asian
martial artists have recognized that true self-defense is a holistic practice
and that human evolution is a three dimensional experience. No life dimension
is truly separable from another. All physical events have psychic, energetic
and spiritual consequences. This was understood in classical, monastic martial training.
S7 relativizes this classical martial perspective for the spiritually aspiring and
astute student of the Martial Ways.

We place community over
divisive competition; clear communication over conquest and power over force.
We put soul food on the table next to real food. We teach a middle path that
balances the extremes and neutralizes the negativity that brings unnecessary
friction into our lives. 

The name ‘S7’ may seem new or radical but the
concepts behind it is ancient. S7 is
a martial path to clear mindedness and right action in the spirit of the awakened
Asian masters.

                              A journey merging Spirit and Style

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