(#15 in a continuing series of 84 days in the teaching life of a sensei)

       Who knows in what order Tesshu developed his higher sword principles. No principle is mutually exclusive, but as he witnessed the extraordinary powers of his mind pulling the strings of his body, I am sure that he began to hone and organize the principles of his mind. It must follow that if Tesshu’s body, directed by his mind, could achieve great physical strengths, what would happen if he organized his mind?  The result – less effort to accomplish the same physical results. It must have occurred to him as he wandered in his mind maze there was a spiritual nature to his practice. Because he would have had to ask ‘who or what was organizing his mind?’  Just the mere attempt to  answer this question allowed Tesshu to glimpse the spirit world. When Tesshu looked through that portal he saw a potential that few men will ever witness.

After that insight, Tesshu threw away his sword and his mind and never dwelt solely in those fields again. He had discovered a secret.  The spirit was sharper than the sword. Tesshu had advanced into spiritual warrior hood. At that point every challenger that looked into his eyes felt his honed spirit pierce their heart. They were vanquished in spirit before their bodies ever clashed.

 What a great way to do combat. No one gets hurt. Everyone knows their place. Maybe the animals have a secret we’re just beginning to get.

Knowing one’s rightful place!